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Stiletto Management is a Human Resources consulting company for the world we live in today – a world where partnerships, technological literacy, critical thinking and problem solving are at the forefront of daily competencies. We are a unique blend of HR intelligence, hands-on experience and problem solving prowess.

Stiletto Management is a partner that can empower you as an individual or your workforce with Human Resources intelligence – allowing for independent and best life-work choices.

Stiletto Management will service your individual (Individualized Career Counseling Programs – ICCP’s) and corporate (Corporate People Programs) needs as a one-time, partially or fully retained partner. These services span design and set-up to senior strategic level direction and guidance.

Stiletto Management can help you prepare, compete and impact your personal and people bottom-line for the new generational workforce and global work competencies.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you step out of the old Human Resources box and into Stiletto Management’s 4 C – approach (Creative, Custom, Customer Focused and Cost Effective)for today’s Human Resources solutions.
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